Janine – Swim Waves


Having swam competitively for twelve years in school and acquiring my provincial colours in
swimming, I decided to combine my passion in the water with a passion for kids and become a Learn
to Swim Instructor in 2009. While working at Jozi Swim School, I also completed my Bachelor of
Commerce majoring in Human Resources and Management at the University of the Witwatersrand
and in 2014. I was afforded the opportunity of purchasing Jozi Swim School with my sister. Having
been a swim teacher for a number of years along with the skills I learnt from university, we jumped
at the opportunity and re-branded the school into Swim Waves Learn to Swim School. I love being
able to empower kids and adults alike in the water – helping them from learning to swim,
conquering their fear of water or just helping them become professional swimmers. This is what the
Swim Waves brand stands for and our goal is to continue and grow this passion into the future.